Gilded Fine Art & Jewelry As Unique As You Are

I use my diverse artistic knowledge to experiment with classical techniques in order to make unique & interesting creations. With an affinity for all things that shimmer and sparkle, I love incorporating traditional gilding techniques along with inspiring elements of nature into all my artwork and accessories. It brings me great joy to add more beauty into the world. Thank you for browsing my work. - Callie

  • Gilded Surfaces

    Currently, all of my surfaces & accessories are gilded using composition gold, silver, & copper leaf. My dream is to be successful enough to offer a fully gold line of all my items.

  • Painting from Life

    All of my artwork is painted on gilded surfaces from life & observation. I have a love of nature with an affinity for insects & all things curious & odd. I paint from my personal collection that is ethically sourced. I support small businesses & acquire new additions to my collection as well as materials I utilize in my jewelry only from trusted sources.

  • Crystal Inspiration

    Much of my accessories incorporate natural ethically sourced crystals because I am inspired by their beauty & possible healing properties they possess.